Local Repeaters


Primary: 147.105 (+Offset; 110.9 ) N6YCK
Secondary: 146.850 (-Offset; 110.9) W6RHC – East

Secondary: 145.410 (-Offset; 123.0) W6RHC – West

Primary: 224.5000 (-Offset; 151.4) KF6OBI [low level]

Primary: 224.3600 (-Offset; 110.9) N6YCK

Secondary: 224.8000 (-Offset: 110.9) N6YCK

Simplex-Primary: 146.550
Simplex-Secondary: 147.555


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CARLA is a network of repeaters providing coverage across Northern & Central California and Western Nevada. It is intended to be used as a reliable communications resource during significant local, regional, and wide-area incidents, and is open to all licensed amateurs radio operators.


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